Breaking the chain of addiction

Guiding You through the Struggle of Recovery to the Freedom of Sobriety.​



Our Goal is to provide the Community and its vulnerable population assistance and an opportunity to empower themselves and gain the tools and resources they need to continue their sobriety as we reintegrate and encourage their journey back into society. 


The First Step is admitting there is not just an existing problem but a disease that cannot be solved or cured  by just stopping. 

It takes honesty within you to believe that you no longer have control over your addiction.  We give Compassion and Guidance for our Clients to understand that Help does not mean you are weak, but that you are willing to give Sobriety a try.

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Rehabilitation & Restoration

The Second Step is to Address  the Client's issues (past or present).  Whether Mental, Physical or Psychological that started them on the journey to Self-destruction.  Knowing that what got them here, is not going to finalize their destination.

Sobriety is a reachable and an obtainable possibility.

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Housing unit

Our Clients will get the opportunity

live in the Housing Unit where they will become independent and gain a sense of Direction to where they want to be and know that they can become something greater than they ever imagined before they entered our Facility.

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When our Clients are ready to leave R.S.V.P and venture out into the World and start their life Renewed, Restored, Refocused, they will be rewarded a Celebration and a Sponsor.

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