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Finding Self Restoration

Created and Founded by a Woman who has had her share of Addiction and her fight to stay clean and sober, which took over twelve years of her journey to accomplish.  Her struggle within herself and the Wars she had to fight in her mind consumed her every day.   

It eventually took over and finally dominated her mind, body and eventually her soul.  One day when she realized she had lost the War but the fight was never ending, she finally surrendered her self-destructive and wreckless ways and all her burdens onto her Creator.

The day she achieved her biggest challenges, she felt like a 80 pound weight fell off her shoulders; she was still heavy, holding on to the burden of her past following her like a deep black cloud hovering over her head.  

With her new Restored Faith and strong belief in the ONE who saved her life, she faced her past and forgave all who had hurt her and tried to destroy her.

She has made it her focus to create a Facility where those who are struggling to just cope and get through just the day without their addiction, they will be given a real opportunity to not just get clean but remain sober and bring their family along for the journey so that they too can be healed and learn how to accept their loved one's new life so our Client can have a fresh start in their Restored Mind, Purified Body and Renewed soul.

The staff at RSVP are very compassionate and share the same values and want the same results, which is to treat addiction not just as a disease but as a problem where there are steps being taken by us to keep someone from relapsing.  We have built a strong Alliance of experts who are committed and dedicated to making a difference in others' Lives.  They have Ministered, Counselled, Coached and Inspired others in different parts of the country and world and are ready to inspire you.  No Addiction or circumstance, whether it be mental or emotional is too difficult for our team to help you Conquer.