For The Mind, Body & Soul

Guiding Our Clients through the Struggle of Recovery to the Freedom of Sobriety.​



Rehabilitation Treatment​ is a mandatory 60 Days.  During this time, the client will be required to participate in group sessions and individual Drug Counselling and Psychological sessions.  

Chiropractors and Physio Therapists on-site will be present through the week of Detox  and the first three weeks of the Rehabilitation stage in case the Client's withdrawals have caused physical pain in the Body depending on the type and the amount of years of their addiction.  There may be some nerve damage or muscular dysfunction that may need to be addressed with intense therapy.

The Client will also be responsible for making sure to attend all sessions with their Life Coach and the Health & Wellness Coach. The Life Coach will be teaching the Client how to rebuild their life without the dependency of addiction. The Coach will provide them with the tools they will need to remain clean and despite the obstacles that may come his/her way when they completely leave our Facility.

The Health and Wellness Coach will be teaching the Client how to feed the Body with the proper Foods and Vitamins to prevent long term illness and health complications from developing in the future.  there will be exercise routines that the client will be required to follow during the rehabilitation program which will include Meditation,  Focus and Cardio to keep the Lungs and Heart healthy.  

There will also be a Holistic Specialist who will be responsible for the natural Aspect of the Client's Rehabilitation, they will be ensuring that our Clients get the right Vitamins, Foods and Personal Care that can help with Mental, Physical and spiritual Healing. 

 There will also be a Spa where our Client can get natural manicures, facials and massages by a professional massage therapist.  There will be an Exercise and Cardio Room in the Facility where our Clients can take time to rejuvenate themselves, or release some tensions after some intense Counselling or just having a Bad Day.