For The Mind, Body & Soul

Guiding Our Clients through the Struggle of Recovery to the Freedom of Sobriety.​


Celebration of Victory

All Clients who are ready to leave Our Facility and Housing Unit and go out into the real world prepared to start their life renewed and Restored, they will be rewarded a Celebration.  Our Clients' close friends and/or family members will be invited to celebrate their victory and enjoy the experience of watching their progression and transformation  Full of Life, Love and able to overcome any obstacles or negative influences that may come their way.      


who will have a background in Mental Health as well Will be required to follow up with our Clients three times a week after they have successfully completed our full program and are living independently on their own and sustaining employment or getting financial assistance and are attending weekly meetings with Celebrate Recovery without reminders or persuasion.  

The Sponsor will remain in contact with the Client until he/she feels they are no longer needed as often.