Breaking the Chain of Addiction

Guiding Our Clients through the Struggle of Recovery to the Freedom of Sobriety.​



Once Clients have completed the Rehabilitation Program, they will be referred to our Housing Transition Team.  They will be in charge of the transition process and will ensure that all clients are properly housed and either employment, job search or Basic Computer Skills are implemented as part of the Housing Program Agreement.

Navah Will be home to our Clients after the Restoration Treatment for 6 months where they will be attending scheduled meetings and will be required to either take our Computer Classes or look for employment.  We will be providing budget basic financial classes, teaching them how to shop for groceries, how to spend money wisely and maintain their independence during after their timer in the independent living program.   Family members are also encouraged to participate in counselling sessions to get ready to begin a new life with their loved one or family member.